You Should Read: Isekai-Putin, When You Think The Isekai Manga Has No More Crazy Stories

Haha, who has any thoughts of making a manga that sees Putin being sent to the world of Isekai? Yes, that’s LeJen’s reaction when he first heard that there was a writer who had a crazy, cute idea like this. And you read it right, Isekai-Putin is a real manga, drawn in a semi-realistic, quirky Japanese-style art style. When else will you be able to see the president, an ex-war hero, sent to another world just to be president again.

Isekai Putin is a manga by Baba Yasushi , a Japanese manga artist known for his semi-realistic drawing artstyle. He is also the author of manga such as Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru, Golloseum, Lizard King, and the canon spin-off of the video game series Street Fighter, Street Fighter II V Retsuden: Shouryuu Souha. you can read Isekai Putin manga live on westmanga.

The plot of Isekai Putin is also interesting, now in the 21st century, Purchinov, the main character of the manga this time is a revolutionary war hero and currently serving as president of the Republic which we usually know as Russia, which many people don’t know, Purchinov has a unique hobby strangely, he had a desire to ride on living or dead objects. Be it jets, tanks, horses, tigers, to brown bears, Purchinov has ridden them all. But one day, Purchinov is unlucky, a murder conspiracy grips him, and he is reincarnated into another world. Unbeknownst to himself, Purchinov finds himself standing in a vast meadow filled with animals he has never met, his story of becoming a hero in a new world begins here.