Storyline By the Grace of the Gods

Ryouma Takebayashi never imagined that his life would be surrounded by endless misfortunes. Ryouma who is 39 years old, works in a dark company, gets slandered from colleagues until his dismissal due to not performing well for the company is a series of misfortunes that causes him to die in his sleep and meet three Gods who give him the opportunity to live again in the wizarding world and carry out the mission of “Be Yourself and Enjoy Life As You Like”.

Starting with living in the forest and being equipped with the versatility of the gods does not make Ryouma a jumawa. Maturity as an adult man who has gone through the twists and turns of life continues to be maintained in his new life. Knowledge and a high sense of desire led him to continue to explore his abilities, especially those related to slime which he carried with him wherever he went.

Ryouma who is now living a better life after binding a promise with the three gods is living a very pleasant life. At least that was the reward he had for living as a poor grown man. After seclusion for too long in the forest and practicing his skills, he finally met Reinhart and started his social life again.

On the way to the city, the wagon carriage that contained the Reinhart family was blocked by stone debris. Even though Ryouma has the ability to solve the problem, he still has to ask permission first to help, until finally allowed and the stone ruins are gone and can be passed again.

Ryouma’s humble attitude shows that he can adapt to new people. Several times his humble attitude earned him Privileges with groups of warriors, nobles even when entering a trade guild. According to Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent. But the most adaptable to change.” It was also what Ryouma did to survive in the wizarding world with the physique as a child. In addition, there are manners towards those who are older, he shows not only to respect those who are older, but also ready to accept all knowledge / information that he does not know in this new world. You can follow the continuation of the story in westmanga.