Pirated Movies

Reasons Indonesians Like to Watch Pirated Movies

Watching is an alternative that is most often done when we are too tired and tired of our daily work. Especially if there are new films that can spoil the eyes and make the mind fresh. Plus pirated movies that make you don’t have to spend money.

Like the title above, we will discuss a little why Indonesians like to watch pirated films. Even though watching it live in the cinema is a better sensation! Imagine watching a full studio Avengers: Infinity War, and the Thor scene appears. Everyone must be so excited by feeling happy.

As we know, streaming sites or downloading pirated movies themselves are already scattered everywhere. In fact, the revenue from this illegal site is more than the revenue from the original cinema.

According to Kincir, one of the kings of pirated film sites, LK21 can earn up to Rp. 80 million per day. This result is calculated based on website and alexa data for this site in 2017. Assuming 8 million visitors multiplied by advertising for Rp. 10.

Meanwhile, Indoxxi was able to reap more profits than we imagined. In Alexa itself, this site occupies the position of 40 sites with the most visitors in Indonesia. Based on data from Azstats, this site can get around 20,000 US dollars or around Rp. 280 million per day. Isn’t that crazy?

From the data shown above, we can conclude that many Indonesians like to watch pirated films. But why? Let’s see the following review!

Reasons Indonesians Like to Watch Pirated Movies

Well, here the author will review a few reasons why many Indonesians like to watch pirated films. And as much as possible, we will provide input or solutions for this.


The slogan, “If something is free, why pay for it,” is truly Indonesian. The first reason why more people watch pirated movies is because it’s free.

Who wants to spend money to watch movies in theaters, if they can stream or download them on pirated movie sites? (Even though they basically have to spend money to buy quotas, order drinks while wifi.id’s). There are those who dispute the price of tickets to the cinema is expensive. Even though the range of cinema tickets is only 25-50 thousand, by holding out for a few days you can already watch movies at the cinema.

Still say going to the cinema is expensive? “But our money can be used for other things.” Today we have been facilitated with many things. Moreover, there are a lot of discounts for watching tickets.

If you want to watch it at Cinema XXI, you only need to download the TIX ID application. This application often gives out discounts, there are buy 1 get 1 vouchers, or discount vouchers of up to 25 thousand. Especially if you are lucky to be able to combine the two discounts. The count is, buying 2 tickets only needs to pay 15 thousand, you can be alone with friends again, so it’s 7.5 per person.

CGV Cinemas and Cinemaxx itself cooperate with the Bookmyshow application for ticket reservations. If you have a member card, every ticket purchase will get cashback. Moreover, there are a lot of discount events from Bookmyshow at this time.