5 Good Sleeping Positions For Health

Sleeping position seems to have an effect on health, you know. In a day the ideal time to sleep is 6-8 hours, so that our bodies are back fit and ready to move. However, getting enough sleep does not guarantee 100% of our health. Sleep quality also affects health. Quality sleep provides many benefits, not only restoring body fitness but also making the brain work optimally.

That’s why sleep quality must be maintained. So as not to disturb your activities during the day. One that determines the quality of sleep is sleeping position. Everyone certainly has a different sleeping position. For quality, you can change it from now on by getting used to a healthy sleeping position.

Here is a position that turns out to have an effect on your health. Check this out!

Lying Or Supine Position

Sleeping on your back with your hands on your side is considered the best position. There are also those who call it a soldier’s position. In fact this position is indeed the best, because it is in the perfect position to rest the spine, neck, and arms.

This position also helps improve posture, reduce acid reflux, and also maintain breast health. If you experience insomnia, try a position like this, the headaches you suffer from can also be reduced. But unfortunately this position is not good for those of you who snore while sleeping. Well, to reduce snoring, you can sleep without using a pillow.

Starfish Position

This is almost the same as the supine position. It’s just that both hands are placed on either side of the head. The starfish position is also the perfect position to rest the spine and neck. In addition, it is also believed to cure insomnia and mild headache symptoms.

For those of you who have stomach acid disorders or gastric reflux, try sleeping positions like this because the acid from the stomach can’t go back into the esophagus. However, it should be noted that the position of the arms on either side of the head can cause shoulder pain. To be comfortable you can sleep without a pillow, so that the head, neck, and spine so that the body can rest naturally.

Side Position

There are also people who like to sleep with a straight sideways position. This is an ideal position for the spine as it receives full support. This position can also prevent back and neck pain. For those of you who snore while sleeping, try this position because it is believed to reduce sleep disturbances. This sideways position is perfect for pregnant women.

Unfortunately, if you have a hobby of sleeping on your side, you can have trouble finding your back and hips. It can also cause skin aging, wrinkles on the face, and sagging breasts. To avoid neck pain, you can use a large pillow. You can also place a pillow between your thighs.

Tilt Position

This is the position of many people. Sleep on your side, your legs slightly bent, your arms folded at your sides, and your head slightly tilted. If you have a side sleeping position like this, try to face to the left, so that your vital organs can rest better.

This position is the most comfortable, because it rarely wakes you up in the middle of the night. Most likely this is due to the comfort obtained by the body. This side sleeping position can also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders.

It’s just that this position can pose a risk of pain in the shoulders and arms. An improper tilting position can also burden other body organs such as the stomach, liver, and lungs. To be more comfortable, you can put a pillow between your knees.

Snuggle/Fetus Position

You must have seen people sleeping curled up like a fetus. Most of these are experienced or occur in women. In a study, 41 female respondents stated that they liked this fetal position.

The sleeping position curled up can reduce the habit of snoring. It can also reduce acid reflux. Pregnant women really like this position. It should be noted, this snuggle position can make the neck and back uncomfortable. No wonder many people experience pain in these two parts when they wake up.

To stay comfortable, you can use a strong and sturdy pillow to support the head and neck.

Well, it turns out that sleeping position also affects your health. As much as possible find a comfortable sleeping position for you.